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Ultra-mobile Premium Cashback

FUJITSU STYLISTIC Tablets or LIFEBOOK Notebooks Either way, the right decision - and with €100 cashback, there couldn’t be a better time to buy!Enjoy €100 cashback on Fujitsu ultra-mobile premium notebooks and tablets when buying from 01.06.2017 to 30.11.2017 at one of Fujitsu´s resellers.*
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Updated on (date) 12:00 AM / 01-Jun-2017

Terms and Conditions

Fujitsu Ultra-mobile Premium Cashback Promotion

For End Customers



The promoter is: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 8 / HighLight Towers, 80807 München ("FUJITSU").


This promotion is only open to residents in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom ("Participating Countries"). A participant (“Participant”) is a person or a legal entity (company) who is resident in one of the Participating Countries. Employees of FUJITSU, its affiliated companies, their families, agents and other parties directly involved with this promotion are not eligible to enter. The promotion is only open to Participants purchasing for their own use i.e. end users. Wholesalers, distributors and resellers and their employees are excluded from participation. FUJITSU reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Participants and/or to exclude Participants for the reasons stated in these Terms and Conditions.


3.1       This promotion is open to Participants who purchase the Qualifying Products as listed in article 4.1 of these Terms and Conditions as end users  in participating stores or online  within the Promotion Term as defined in article 3.2. Purchases via private sales, online-auctions, over eBay or from 3rd party sellers on Amazon are not eligible for this promotion.

3.2.     To take advantage of this promotion, purchases must be made between [01.06.2017 until 30.11.2017] (inclusive) ("Promotion Term"). FUJITSU may prolongate the Promotion Term at its own discretion via separate announcement. The cash back claim can only be made online through To participate in this promotion Participants have to register online at and accept these Terms and Conditions. Non-registered Participants are excluded from this promotion. Individuals registering a company are considered acting in the name and on behalf of such company and are responsible to obtain the respective company`s prior consent to the registration. FUJITSU reserves the right to request proof of such consent.    

3.3        A maximum number of 50 (fifty) units of Qualifying Products can be claimed per Participant during the promotion.

3.4       Fully completed and correct claim forms, together with a copy of the original documents proving the purchase pursuant to article 3.6, must be received no later than at the end of the calendar month following the end of the Promotion Term ("Closing Date") by online submission using the claim form available at

3.5       Each cash back claim is limited to a single use and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional voucher or cash back offer against the Qualifying Product, as stated in Article 4.1. Only one cash back claim per Qualifying Product purchased can be made.

3.6       The Participants proof of purchase must clearly show the Qualifying Product(s) purchased, the valid serial number, the purchase price and the date of purchase, either per invoice or till receipt; and additionally per photo of the packaging/product label showing order code and serial number, if these details are not shown on the invoice or till receipt. Documentation submitted for this promotion will not be returned to Participant. 

3.7       Claims for cash back will be examined for its authenticity. In case of false information or breach of these Terms and Conditions FUJITSU reserves the right to withhold or to reverse the cash back and/or to exclude the respective Participant from this promotion.  

3.8       Cash backs for Qualifying Products bought by a company or by a person exercising his/her commercial or independent professional activities (entrepreneur) will be paid against invoice made out by that company or entrepreneur, only. The invoice must expressly refer to this promotion, shall be addressed to

Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH


Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 8

80807 München


and shall be online submitted together with the documents proving the purchase pursuant to Article 3.4 above.  The bank account defined in this invoice must correspond to the bank account entered into the online claim form.

3.9       Cash back payments are made after examination of the submitted claim form of Participant for completeness and accuracy and validation of its claim. Interpay Sales Promotion Limited, on behalf of FUJITSU, will deliver € 100.00 (or amount in local nation currency outside the Euro(€)-zone pursuant to Article 4.1 below) via BACS transfer, within 28 days of validation of Participant's claim. Cash back payments will be transferred to the bank account indicated at Participant's registration for this promotion. The bank account must be held in the name of the Participant in the Participating Country, where the Participant is resident (i.e. bank accounts outside the Participant`s country of residence and/or held in the name of third parties are not eligible for registration and cash back payment).


4.1       The cash back offer is as listed below against the applicable products ("Qualifying Products"). Please note that Qualifying Products must be new genuine Fujitsu products and no used and refurbished products are eligible for this promotion.

Model Name                                          

Cash back Value


LIFEBOOK U727, U747, U757, U937, S937, P727, T937      

€ 100*



€ 100*

Important: Products with an order code starting with “VFY…” only are eligible for this promotion

* or amount in local national currency, if the Participant is resident in a Participating Country outside the Euro(€)-zone as follows:.

Cashback currency

Cashback value
























4.2       Qualifying Products must be purchased at standard conditions. Qualifying Products purchased at educational, special or project conditions will not be eligible for cash back. In particular, Qualifying Products purchased under an individual price frame agreement are excluded.             

4.3       The cash back claim form cannot be exchanged for cash. The cash back payment cannot be made via credit note procedure.

4.4       Where the cash back payment constitutes a taxable benefit, the tax liability lies with the recipient. The cash back payment is inclusive VAT.

4.5       In the event that the purchase of a Qualifying Product is annulled - irrespective by which party and due to what reason (e.g. contestation, withdrawal, goodwill of the seller) - the Participant will not be entitled to claim cash back and any such claim will be thereafter dismissed. If at that time the cash back payment has already been made, the Participant is obliged to the full reimbursement of the received cash back. 

4.6       For the avoidance of doubt this promotion does not prohibit in any way the customers' right to exercise their applicable statutory or warranty rights vis-à-vis the seller and/or manufacturer of the Qualifying Products.


Participants are excluded from this promotion who

  1. have not registered on and/or not accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  2. have purchased the Qualifying Products outside the Promotion Term.
  3. have submitted claim forms that are not complete or incorrect and have not been rectified until after the Closing Date.
  4. have not submitted its claim forms until after the Closing Date.
  5. have breached these terms and conditions.


Personal data of the Participant are used by FUJITSU to carry out the promotion. The data are collected and processed by a service provider acting on behalf of FUJITSU as a data processor. To the extent the Participant explicitly gives its consent FUJITSU moreover uses the Participant's personal data for marketing purposes via telephone and / or e-mail as determined in the respective consent declaration. Such consent may be revoked for the future at any time. Moreover, FUJITSU may use the Participant's mail address to provide the Participant with advertising material. The Participant may object against such use of its mail address at any time for the future.

Participants have the right to access, rectify and to have their personal data stored by FUJITSU deleted at any time unless mandatory legal provisions require otherwise.

Any requests under this paragraph should be made to FUJITSU at the e-mail address below:



7.1       No responsibility will be accepted for cash back claims lost, damaged, misdirected or delayed or for those claims not received by the Closing Date.

7.2       Claims for cash back will be disqualified if incomplete or illegible. It is the Participant’s responsibility to ensure that all required information is provided for claims to be processed and validated.

7.3       FUJITSU is not liable for any costs incurred by the Participant relating to the promotion.

7.4        FUJITSU is not liable for any delayed claims of any nature with regard to this promotion.

7.5         FUJITSU shall not be liable for any failure to fulfill this promotion where such failure is caused by any supervening circumstances amounting to force majeure (meaning: beyond FUJITSU’S reasonable control) and/or events which, without the fault of either party, render performance impossible or incapable of satisfactory execution.

7.6       FUJITSU reserves the right for premature termination of or amendments to this promotion at any time without incurring any liability. The participation in this promotion is not transferable.

7.7       FUJITSU is not liable for damage or loss unless it occurs due to its wilful misconduct or negligence. The liability for negligence is restricted to gross negligence. FUJITSU is only liable for simple negligence in case of an infringement of a duty which is of essence for the proper performance under these Terms and Conditions. In case of simple negligence, damages are restricted to the extent reasonably foreseeable to FUJITSU at the beginning of the entry period. The liability under the Product Liability Act, in case of injury to life, body or health as well as for given guarantees remains unaffected hereby. In all other cases FUJITSU'S liability is excluded on the merits. The same restriction of liability will apply to the FUJITSU'S associated companies, agents or any other third party involved in the promotion. 


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The courts in Munich, Germany, shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all disputes arising out of or in connection with this promotion.